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(Käynti vapain ohjin) Free Walk – Should be as the definition of the Walk, but without the rein contact. A regular and unconstrained walk of moderate length. The Horse, without contact, walks energetically but calmly with even and determined steps with the hind feet touching the ground in front of the footprints of the fore feet.

(Keskiravi) Medium Trot - between the defined Working Trot and Extended Trot. The Horse lengthens his stride to cover less ground than asked for in the Extended Trot but more ground than asked for in the Working Trot as a result of greater impulsion from the hindquarters. The Competitor allows the Horse, remaining ‘on the bit’ without leaning on it, to lengthen the frame to gain ground, with the nose slightly in front of the vertical. The hind feet must clearly overtrack the footprints made by the forefeet. The Horse must remain in balance while maintaining the same rhythm with steps of equal size. Going faster is not asked for and is a severe fault.

(Askeleen (ja muodon) pidennys) Stretching the Frame – Letting the Horse take the reins stretching long and low – forwards and downwards, over the back while keeping the same rhythm and impulsion. The driver must keep the reins without throwing away the contact

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